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St Merryn School is proudly part of Kernow Learning. Within the Kernow Learning governance structure, St Merryn School has a Local Advisory Board and their work feeds into the on-going work of the Kernow Learning Board of Trustees.  The Local Advisory Board meet half termly.

The 3 Core Functions Of Governance

Governance exists to provide strong strategic leadership to a school, ensuring accountability for its educational and financial performance.
The 3 Core Functions Of Governance
Governance exists to provide strong strategic leadership to a school, ensuring accountability for its educational and financial performance.

The GOVERNANCE HANDBOOK assigns 3 core functions::

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent

St Merryn Impact Statement 2020/2021 


In September 2020 we had the pleasure of welcoming all our pupils back to school.  There was a comprehensive risk assessment, and the staff handbook was updated to reflect the new ‘Bubbles’ and staggered start times.  

St Merryn remained closed on a Friday afternoon to allow time for teachers to carry out their allocated PPA (planning, preparation and Assessment) time.  This afternoon closure reduced the need for HLTAs to cross bubbles in line with the RA and allowed classrooms to be regularly deep cleaned. 

There was a huge wellbeing focus for both the pupils and staff at St Merryn School, which was a focus across the whole MAT, with dedicated training to help deal with lots of issues faced by the pupils and staff during the pandemic.  

As a LAB all our meetings were held virtually on Teams and, as such, all monitoring visits were held this way too.  Our designated SEND and Safeguarding LAB members had regular meetings with the leads and with the introduction of new report templates for both these areas, it enabled the members to carry out their visits with a greater focus. 

In January we were asked to close schools for the second time, this time for 8 weeks (04/01/21 to 08/03/2021) We were able to stay open for our Key Worker children and we widened the vulnerable children remit to allow as many pupils to attend as possible. 

Staff had a well-planned remote learning program which was immediately put in place. They were able to offer a balanced curriculum with lots of outside recourses used, as well as virtual teacher lead sessions. The teachers really used their creativity to their full capacity and had a large percentage of interaction from their class.  There were also regular welfare calls made to all families. 

A huge amount of work has been done in the last term and a half since we once again welcomed the children back.  Wellbeing work is still a focus, as a lot of children are still adjusting to being back to school. 

Monies received from the Catch-up grant has been used to enhance many areas of our curriculum.  We have been able to target pupils who need extra boosts across numerous subject due to missed and disrupted learning. These include may online fun learning activities, new Phonics RWinc books, New RSE and PHSE resources, TIS resources and an extremely exciting new Outdoor learning space is planned. 

During the Summer Term Kernow Learning held our own version of the G7, the G19. Prior to the G19, St Merryn held school council meetings to discuss the G7 and from this all the 19 schools in Kernow Learning sent 2 school representatives to take part in our own G19.  They spent the morning discussing issues they were passionate about and from this a new school charter was developed. Isla and Alfie gave us a great recap of their experience of the event.  We have invited the School council to present once a term at our LAB meeting, as I feel we should be hearing more from the pupil voice.  

There was a brief window of time when 2 of our LAB members were able to visit the school in person.  Whilst they could not go into the class bubbles, they were shown around the school and visited the library as they had a literacy focused visit. Mrs Golay was able to show the LAB members the new RWinc books purchased and they were impressed with the progress that had been made since they came in 18 months previously, to help organise the new AR books. 

This academic year has once again been very disjointed and disruptive with the pandemic constantly changing our road map. I am extremely grateful for the team of incredible staff we have at St Merryn.  Their hard work, dedication and compassion has been unwavering. The children always feel safe and supported, which is shown in all the challenge partner reports. 

We are looking forward to restrictions, hopefully easing for September so that we can resume in-house visits and meetings.  I for one, have missed coming in and seeing the St Merryn spirit in action. 

Should you wish to contact the governors, please email the clerk on

Any complaints should be addressed to the Chair of Governors Nicola Soden, her details are available through the school office 01841 520683.

In 2019-20 there were no formal complaint’s to St Merryn School.

In 2020-21 there were no formal complaint's to St Merryn School

The complaints procedure can be found in our policies.