Reception Transition

Every year, the spring and summer terms at St Merryn School are exciting and busy ones for the early years teams, as we get ready for our new pupils to start in September. We are really looking forward to working with our new families to support the children in this important transition.

At St Merryn, we want to ensure that children, parents and carers feel welcomed, set at ease and supported as they transition from either our school nursery or from the other local settings.

Our  transition package, will include a meeting for parents and at least 5 different opportunities for children to visit the school setting (either with parents, with preschool/ nursery or as part of story time with the existing reception class). We want our new families to feel warmly welcomed to St Merryn School and feel that it is important to give you an opportunity to visualise the setting and get a glimpse of the reception year. We also believe that it is essential to form these early relationships in order to give families the opportunity to share any worries, concerns and ask any questions. As many of our new children are already attending our nursery, the children spend time working with and forming relationships with our reception staff. If you would like, we are able to arrange a home visit for any families who feel this would benefit their child's transition into school.

We look forward to meeting you all!

Best wishes

The Robins Team